A simple structure for a better life

There is often a disconnect between the person we want to be and the person we currently are. We want to be healthy, yet we find ourselves snacking on junk food. We want to productive, yet we find ourselves wading into a sea of endless media. We want to be in control of our lives, yet we find ourselves rushed and unprepared. Our intentions and our daily habits are at odds with each other.

There is a multitude of habit apps out there to deal with this very problem. Yet they're generally unsuccessful. The world of habits is more complex than a simple 'habit tracker' can handle.

Stacks is different.


Based in Psychology

Stacks takes a research-backed approach to habits by drawing from studies in habit formation and human psychology, removing the difficulty in making new habits.

Habit stacking : Part of the difficulty in building a new habit is simply remembering to actually do it. By 'stacking' new habits onto existing ones, we remove this barrier.

Social Normative Influence : Peer pressure can be bad, it can also be used to motivate you to complete your habits with friends.

Loss aversion : As humans we are more willing to take action to avoid a loss than to get an equal gain. That's why building up a 'streak' of success is so powerful. The more times you successfully complete a habit in a row, the more motivation there is to not break the streak.

With you every step

There is far too much advice surrounding habits to give, and only a small percentage will be the right advice at the right time.

So Stacks gives no advice - instead it sees when you miss your habits, helps you identify why, and gives only the specific advice you need to overcome that problem

This is also what separates Stacks from the competitors more than anything else. When you fail, it doesn't just leave you there. Through this guided reflection Stacks works to re-define your habits so that you are always working towards a personalized plan that succeeds.


The Power of Stacks

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Just the beginning

Stacks is currently under development.

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